Lance Lascari - Lance's outdated personal page

Sarah Lascari - resume & contact info

Some credits and info relating to this web site design and logo. Gear - Our Cafepress shop. We are the prime customer as you might expect. Everything is priced pretty much at cost (or within a penny) unless we goofed.


Ham/Hobby stuff - home of W2SZ/1 not to be confused with W2SZ - a supplier of amateur VHF gear, particularly repeater oriented stuff - a supplier of Microwave goodies to amateurs


Some friends Greg, K2LDT's page - A site that John setup. - a site by Jason - a site by Tom, N1MU - (pretty obvious)

Hardware/prototyping - The company that I bought my PCB milling machine from. (see the results of a prototype here). - a source for milling bits and other supplies - they sell some affordable measurement tools


- a very good site for RF and general engineering info, you can find many tidbits here faster than you can walk over to the shelf and leaf through your books! - a good resource for PLL design software, consulting, and more! - a bunch of good RF circuit/system design resources - one of my favorite planar EM tool vendors.  In 2010 we've upgraded to Sonnet Professional for some of the more challenging work we've taken on and it is a nice complement to Genesys/Momentum (both stand alone and with direct interfaces between tools). -- source of quality simulation models (we use the CLR library here at - where you can find Eagle SCH/PCB cad - I use this - I also use Orcad Capture


Radio Mobile - a really cool tool that is free for estimating radio coverage based on maps you can download. - I am (or was at one time) a member of the following societies - a great resource for free test equipment data!