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version 2.0

Note: pictures of lab version 3.0 will be out someday, the ones pictured here are out of date...

Main RF lab area (old picture at previous location)

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The main desk is to the left and the construction bench (not shown) is to the right

Microwave/RF Measurement Capabilities summary

With GPIB and the "TESTLINK" module in Agilent Genesys, it's easy to show some examples here of measured vs. simulated circuit performance. These are not perhaps the best examples, but they give you the idea. These are the results for a simple small signal amplifier I designed for a work project, nothing fancy or exotic. All measurements were done here in the basement....

Some measurement/modeling/prototyping capability notes

Example types Content Date
Small signal bipolar amplifier for 850 Mhz Very old...
Random 3.5 GHz bandpass filter on FR4 (milled) quick writeup 7/7/2007
Various circuits that we fabricated in our lab See our webcast from January 10th, 2008 sponsored by Agilent through TechOnline.  Some of this material was also presented by Rick Carter of Agilent at IMS2008 in Atlanta

here are the slides
misc Presentation during IMS2009 lunchtime Genesys networking event  (note that this presentation was mainly a rough outline for a group discussion relating to board level circuit design, simulation tips, etc -- it was not meant to stand alone). 6/10/2009

Metal Shop

I decided that I had tapped out my interest in sheet brass and seam-soldered PCB construction. For repeatable >1 GHz work, machining capabilities were necessary. The first big project with the mill has been building housings for a two-stage (~20 dB gain) 10 GHz Low Noise Amplifier.

this shows the drill press, mill, and bench-top band saw (old picture at previous location)

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Prototype fabrication resources: