Lance Lascari

RF Circuit / Microwave Circuit
Wireless Communications / Analog Engineer

Last updated: 20190130

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Expertise in RF/Microwave/wireless communications circuits and systems.

I'm a highly motivated individual with a broad skill set. My preference is to be working on RF and microwave communications systems as both a system designer and a detailed circuit designer. I consider myself qualified as an RF system designer as it applies to a radio product as well as a detail-oriented Microwave/RF circuit designer.

I enjoy working the tradeoffs in hardware design using a deep understanding of the systems and pure physical layer details (modem, RF impairments). When possible I enjoy understanding the customer's perspective on products to make sure that the solutions are appropriate for their needs. Sometimes a little time spent understanding the needs can save a lot of time/complexity/money.

In past jobs and in "hobby-space" I've done a fair amount of work with small to medium microcontroller and DSP Projects. I've also done some other bits and pieces of programming, some of which can be found on my tools page.

I am willing to work very hard to gain the confidence and respect of my employer and colleagues and I expect the same in return.

At this point in my career I prefer to remain a technical contributor leading/mentoring small technical teams as appropriate rather than taking the path of management. I have no interest in being isolated however I don't mind working as a sole contributor.


Consultant, LLC

1997-present  (full time from June 2008-present)

Consulting and personal Projects:

Professional Roles and projects

RF/uWave Engineering Group Manager & Principal Microwave Engineer

Bosch Security Systems (Intrusion systems business unit)


Principal Microwave Engineer

Bosch Security Systems


Principal Engineer, RF

CEWD East Division of Titan (now part of L3-Linkabit division)

2/2004 - 2/2005

Principal Engineer, RF design

Microwave Data Systems Inc.


Senior Development Engineer

Microwave Data Systems Inc


Development Engineer

Microwave Data Systems Inc

6/1995 - 10/1998

I have worked on the RF system/circuit end of both point-point QAM radios as well as point-multipoint FSK based data radios. I have also spent a fair amount of time working with technologies geared towards broadband wireless internet access in the lower microwave bands. Troubleshooting/mentoring/supporting other projects also tends to take up a fair amount of my time over the course of any given year.

Specific design responsibilities & projects have included the following:

Miscellany December 2001-present

UHF/SHF "R&D" July 2000 - December 2001

FSK transceiver design project part time February 1999 through July 2000

Newpoint-point radio project (LEDR II) (LEDR 900, LEDR 400, LEDR 1400) Summer 1998 through April 2000

MDS400 Project ("LEDR I") (32 QAM / QPSK 2.048 Mb/sec digital point-point radio), spring-summer 1998

MDS1400 Project ("LEDR I") (32 QAM / QPSK 2.048 Mb/sec digital point-point radio), 3/1996 - 12/1997

SSE1/T1 project ( 1.544/2.048 Mb/sec DSSS point-point radio), 6/1995 - 3/1996

I like designing almost anything, but I find oscillators (VCO's mainly) most interesting and challenging. I am also fairly interested in other nonlinear microwave circuits such as multipliers, mixers, and higher-power amplifiers. I particularly like working with CAD/CAE tools on these so-called "tricky" circuits as it saves a ton of time at the bench. One can rarely provide a production ready design with only simulation, but the insight gained is extremely valuable. With the right tools and a little discipline, RF design can be an application of science rather than something that's "made to work" as many practitioners choose to treat it. I am far from perfect but I like to use some simple processes that easily catch many simple mistakes (who likes to make the same mistakes over and over again?).

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